On Gender

The IMF Makes Class Warriors of Us All


Recent scholarship on social reproduction theory is significant because it helps overcome narrow definitions of class (a legacy of the second international in many respects) that shackle the power of class as an analytical and political category by conflating it solely with the industrial working class, or with the waged worker alone.  Read Full Article Here.

What is Social Reproduction Theory?

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If labor power produces value, how is labor power itself produced? Surely workers do not spring from the ground to arrive at the marketplace, fresh and ready to sell their labor power to the capitalist. Read the Full Article Here.

Ragpicking Through History: Class Memory, Class Struggle and its Archivists


In 1990, I watched the Polish film maker Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Blind Chance (1981/1987) without registering the paralyzing potential of a particular scene. Read the Full Article Here.

Explaining Gender Violence in the Neoliberal Era

Let us begin with an image: a naked white man pursuing a low-wage Black female asylum seeker down the corridors of an expensive Manhattan hotel in order to force her to have sex with him. Read the Full Article Here.

How Not To Skip Class: Social Reproduction of Labor and the Global Working Class

In this essay, I will refute a spurious conception of class by reactivating fundamental Marxist insights about class formation that have been obscured by four decades of neoliberalism and the many defeats of the global working class.  Read the Full Article Here.

India's Daughter: Neoliberalism's Dreams and the Nightmares of Violence

This essay is not so much a review of the film, India's Daughter, as it is an effort to use the film as a device to explore the issue of gender violence in neoliberal India. In doing so I try to tell the story that the film perhaps should have told: How the shiny charts of economic “growth” in India mask dispossession, just as the towering highrises of Bombay and Delhi throw their shadows to hide the dereliction of the slums next door. And behind those masks and elisions and within those shadows are nurtured the bacilli of violence. This essay is about suturing that connection between the promises that neoliberalism makes and the violence that it generates. Read the Full Article Here.

In the Streets Against Rape

IN A crime that sparked sustained and angry protests in several cities in India and around the world, a 23-year-old student was gang raped and beaten in Delhi, India, on December 16. She died from her injuries 13 days later. Read the Full Article Here

Marissa Mayer, the family and capitalism

Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, a company currently worth $20 billion, is the mother in question, and alongside creating this private nursery for her own child, thus combining parenting and work, as the boss of the company, she has decreed that no Yahoo employees may work from home. Read the Full Article Here.

Standing with Sangeeta Richards

Here we come to the heart of this tangled narrative of class, race and imperialism: the rights of the wealthy Indian diplomat versus the rights of her domestic worker, and standing above all else, the imperial American state which suddenly becomes the guarantor of labor rights while preserving its right to strip search whomsoever it pleases.  Read the Full Article Here.

Measuring Gender Inequality

THE WORLD Economic Forum has just published its 2013 Global Gender Gap Report. It is a detailed study of the state of gender in 133 countries around the world. Read the Full Article Here.